Changing the Equation:

Faster payments are the new reality in more than 40 countries, and this innovation is benefiting consumers and businesses alike. Criminals are also enjoying the speed and non-refutable nature of these transfers, and in many deployments faster payments quickly translates to faster fraud.

This does not have to be the case, however - there are technologies that can help secure faster payments and protect financial services firms and their customers.

Watch this webinar with experts from DataVisor, Aite Group and Western Union to learn more about:


Faster payments attack vectors, pain points, and lessons learned

Successful tactics and strategies for mitigating the risks of faster payments fraud

What's next: Faster payments fraud evolution

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Krithika Ramadoss

Krithika Ramadoss

Sr Director, Product Delivery, Western Union

Julie Conroy

Julie Conroy

Research Director, 
Aite Group

Fang Yu

Co-founder & CTO, DataVisor

Trusted by Leading Brands

Trusted by Leading Brands

"DataVisor’s machine learning solution is the most critical component of our fraud defense as we grow in digital space, helping us minimize customer friction while defeating fraud risk."

Richard Cooney

Head of Fraud Strategy

Ensuring Faster Payments Do NOT Equate to Faster Fraud