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About DataVisor

DataVisor is the world’s leading AI-powered fraud and risk management platform for financial institutions, delivering  the best overall detection coverage in industry. DataVisor’s open SaaS platform simplifies data consolidation and enrichment, and scales infinitely, enabling organizations to act on fast-evolving fraud and money laundering activities as they happen in real time. DataVisor’s patented unsupervised machine learning technology and its advanced device intelligence work to fuel a powerful decision engine and investigation tools, for a guaranteed performance lift from day one.

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Minimize Fraud

Maximize your fraud coverage and minimize losses with an Integrated AI solution that combines rules and ensemble of machine learning approaches to increase detection without adding friction.

Leverage automated investigation tools capable of powerful analytics and visualizations, enabling instant decisions and action. Ensure transparency and compliance with one-click reporting.

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Grow your business and launch new products safely with a flexible, open platform that supports expansion across multiple business units and multiple use cases.

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"We considered several vendors, and none could compare to the product innovation, scalability, and performance of DataVisor, which was able to not only meet our expectations for technology and product innovation but reduce our TCO."

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We are offering a free, no obligation 30-minute consultation session with a DataVisor fraud expert. You can set the agenda and submit any specific questions or topics you would like to go over.

If you are facing a fraud challenge and unsure about where to start or simply want a fresh opinion, schedule a free 30-minute consultation session with one of our fraud experts.

  • How are the leaders my industry addressing a specific macro-level trend (e.g. real-time payments, changing consumer patterns, etc.)?

  • A specific fraud pattern has become a concern for my company. Have you seen this elsewhere? What best practices should we follow to control it?

  • Have you identified any new attack patterns in my industry that could point at a new trend?

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