Guarding Your Online Marketplace Against Fraud

A DataVisor Fraud Prevention E-Book

At online marketplaces, fraud begins with an account and ends with reputational and financial damage. In our latest ebook, we explore the life cycle of a fraud attack, beginning with account takeover and mass registration and ending with a huge range of attack types – spam, scam, and everything in between.

What You Will Learn in this E-Book:

  • Fraud Begins with an Account: Mass registration, account takeover and incubation are foundational elements of any fraud attack.
  • Downstream Damage: From scam to spam and everything between, learn about the range of attacks fraudsters use once they control accounts.
  • Not All Fraud Solutions are the Same: Why different attacks require different defenses, and how to create a comprehensive fraud prevention solution.

Download the E-Book:

DataVisor eBook-Guard Your Online Marketplace Against Fraud - Full v2