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Catch It Before It Happens with

Unsupervised Machine Learning

What is UML?

The DataVisor Unsupervised Machine Learning Platform uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and big data technology to detect previously unknown fraud and abuse automatically, without training labels or historical data, and often before damage is done.

Protecting the Largest Companies from the Most Sophisticated Fraud, Abuse, and Money Laundering

As businesses increasingly move online, sophisticated new attacks emerge and evolve constantly. Using the most advanced AI and machine learning technologies, DataVisor protects over 4 billion accounts around the globe against these new attacks.

Financial Fraud

DataVisor helps financial institutions fight application fraud, transaction fraud, account takeover and more by analyzing the industry’s largest variety and volume of digital data.

Social Commerce

DataVisor helps the largest social networking properties and e-commerce platforms prevent fraud and abuse by detecting and stopping waves of attacks at their earliest signs.

Mobile Applications

DataVisor helps the world’s largest mobile applications stop millions of dollars of fake installs, promotion abuse, and in-app purchase fraud, by analyzing pre-, post-, and time-of install events.

Anti-Money Laundering

DataVisor helps financial institutions increase money laundering detection coverage while simultaneously reducing false positives and providing compliance-friendly, human-understandable reports.

The Only Unsupervised Machine Learning Solution
Proven at Scale

Requires No Training or Label Data

DataVisor’s UML Engine uncovers the hidden patterns among attackers and can detect them without needing labeled training data, dramatically accelerating detection of new and evolving threats.

Predicts Attacks at Early Stages

The hidden, suspicious connections between attackers allows UML to detect them before they launched their attacks.

Uncovers Entire Crime Ring

Capture entire crime rings at once, reducing the risk of future attacks by forcing attackers to start from scratch.

Leverages Global Intelligence

Automatically leverage insights attacks across DataVisor’s network of 4 billion protected accounts and utilize the industry’s broadest array of digital signals.

Scales to Billions of Accounts

Supports the largest companies in the world with a combination of patented algorithmic breakthroughs and big data infrastructure

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