Intelligent Fraud Management

DataVisor offers the world’s most sophisticated artificial intelligence systems to keep companies and their customers safe from fraud. The DataVisor approach combines breakthrough AI, a powerful investigate workflow, and an intelligence network of more than 4B user accounts to deliver real-time analytics that can surface even the most sophisticated attacks. Unrivaled domain expertise informs every feature, empowering organizations to maintain vital data security and preserve customer trust. To grow a safer, stronger, and more connected digital enterprise, choose DataVisor.

Immediate ROI

Boost detection results without historic labels or training data

Early Detection

Reduce financial loss by adapting to fast-evolving fraud patterns without the need for lengthy training periods

Low Overhead

Maintain high model performance without frequent retuning

Accurate Results

Make confident decisions with real-time risk scores

How DataVisor Works

DataVisor Enterprise is built on the patented and proprietary Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms that are widely deployed across large customers in different industries. By identifying hidden structures of “unlabeled” input data and studying the relationships, DataVisor can automatically detect malicious activity across accounts.

DataVisor Solutions


DataVisor helps financial institutions fight application fraud, transaction fraud, account takeover and money laundering by analyzing the industry’s largest variety and volume of digital data.


DataVisor helps the largest social networking properties and e-commerce platforms prevent fraud and abuse by detecting and stopping waves of attacks at their earliest signs.


DataVisor helps the world’s largest mobile applications stop millions of dollars of fake installs, promotion abuse, and in-app purchase fraud, by analyzing pre-, post-, and time-of install events.

Awards and Recognition


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