Catch unknown abuse, fraud, and money laundering with unsupervised machine learning before damage is done

Protecting the Largest Companies From the Most Sophisticated Attacks

As businesses increasingly move online, sophisticated new attacks emerge and evolve constantly. Using the most advanced AI and machine learning technologies, DataVisor protects over 2 Billion accounts around the globe against these new attacks.

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The Only Proven Unsupervised Machine Learning Solution At Scale

Requires no labels or training data

Does not rely on known labels of past attacks and finds previously unknown and emerging attacks

Predicts attacks at early stages

Identifies incubating accounts days to months before they conduct fraudulent activities

Uncovers entire crime ring

Captures the whole crime ring at high precision by identifying the subtle correlations across accounts

Leverages global intelligence

Benefits from DataVisor’s Global Intelligence Network of over 2 billion accounts with the broadest array of fingerprint signals, such as IP addresses, user agent strings, email domains, and device types

Scales to billions of accounts

Supports the largest companies in the world with a combination of patented algorithmic breakthroughs and big data infrastructure

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Sequoia China Leads Series C to Expand Company Footprint through Deployment of Its Unsupervised Machine Learning Fraud Detection Solutions

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