Why Customers Choose DataVisor

Fast Detection

Adapt to new fraud incidents immediately with real-time data signal orchestration and end-to-end workflow automation. Mitigate losses from missed fraud.

Unparalleled Results

Proactively minimize fraud loss with a comprehensive fraud suite that delivers the best detection coverage allowing high approval rate and minimal good customer impact.

Complete Control

Customize and adapt fraud strategies to individual business needs. Enjoy complete control over your customer experience with minimal IT dependency.

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Large Federal Credit Union Leverages DataVisor’s Fraud Platform

Download this case study to find out how a large federal credit union with thousands of members nationwide uses DataVisor to proactively fight multiple types of fraud.

The DataVisor Difference

Real-Time Orchestration at Scale

DataVisor’s hyper-scalable, modern architecture allows you to leverage transaction logs, user profiles, dark web and other identity signals with real-time analytics to enrich and deliver high quality detection in less than 100-300ms. Built with the most cutting-edge cloud technology, the platform is optimized to scale to support the largest enterprises with ultra-low latency.

Best-in-Class AI Detection

DataVisor enables early detection and adaptive response to new and evolving fraud attacks combining rules, machine learning, customizable workflows, device and behavior signals in an all-in-one platform for complete protection. Leading with an Unsupervised approach, DataVisor is the only proven, production-ready solution that can proactively stop fraud attacks before they result in financial loss.

Comprehensive Solution Suite

Purpose built for fraud, our modern machine-learning powered fraud platform delivers the most comprehensive suite of capabilities, extensible to multiple use cases in a flexible, powerful architecture. Embedded with advanced device signals, fraud analytics, and visual graphing tools, it enables organizations to accelerate time to value and lower the overall cost of fraud management.

Solutions for Your Business

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Real-time detection and decisions at scale for all lines of business—protect ACH, cards, checks, and more.

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Credit Unions

Control fraud in new accounts, lending, and ACH/card/wire payments. Stay compliant and grow confidently.

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Digital Payments

Real-time detection and decisions at scale for all payment channels—from ACH to cards, wallets, and more.

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Proven expertise to protect BNPL, exchanges, and more with a focus on user experience to unlock growth.

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Single Hub, Complete Protection

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Account Onboarding

Minimize Onboarding Delays, Maximize Revenue.

Safely onboard good customers without introducing friction. Implement stricter controls to eliminate fake, synthetic and high-risk account openings and transform the customer experience with more approvals, streamlined processes and end-to-end governance.

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Application Fraud

Balance risk in account onboardings and loan applications.

Stop downstream losses with fake and synthetic onboarding prevention and identify high-risk applicants in card, loan, and BNPL products. Enable safe and seamless account creations, loan applications, identity verifications, and KYC/KYB and data orchestrations with DataVisor.

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AML Compliance

Manage BSA/AML programs and limit risk exposure.

Stay ahead of financial crime and balance risk exposure and compliance efforts with modern AML technology. Manage money laundering alerts, manage cases, and automate reporting in a single risk management hub that drives efficiency.

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ACH and Wire Fraud

Combat financial crime in electronic fund transfers.

Protect Zelle®, ACH, RTP®, and wire transfers, and deploy real-time channels without losing revenue or consumer trust to unauthorized transactions and socially-engineered payment scams. Allow good customers to instantly access deposits without exposing your bank to kiting schemes.

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Card Fraud

Block bad payments and reduce false declines.

Monitor transactions in real time to prevent fraud in card-present and card-not-present scenarios, and reduce false positives and unnecessary disputes. Identify abusive customers before first-party fraud losses materialize and deploy benefits to attract and retain good customers.

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Check Fraud

Stop first and third-party check and deposit fraud.

Monitor incoming deposits, including remote deposit capture (RDC) to instantly assess risk and implement differentiated fund availability policies for each account. Holistically analyze users’ activity to detect compromised accounts and block them before fraudsters consummate their attacks.

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