Complete Protection for Digital Payments

Real-time detection and decisions at scale for all payment channels—from ACH to cards, wallets, and more.

Why Merchants and Payment Processors Choose DataVisor

Fast Deployment and Response

Minimize the time to value with fast and seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, and deploy new strategies to respond to emerging risks with agility.

Accurate Decisions

Make the best fraud decisions in real-time, every time, without friction for good customers to increase conversions and maximize customer satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency

Automate more decisions without compromising safety and focus manual review resources on cases that merit them to reduce overhead costs and drive revenue.

Single Hub, Complete Protection

Fake Accounts

Balance risk exposure and streamline account onboardings.

Detect fake and synthetic accounts early in their incubation to prevent downstream losses. Leverage enriched data, optimized workflows, and machine learning to enable safe and seamless account creations, identity verifications, and KYC/KYB and data orchestrations with DataVisor. 

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Payment Fraud

Minimize fraud, false declines, and customer friction.

Protect card-present and card-not-present transactions from fraud to reduce chargebacks and unnecessary manual reviews. Expand coverage for ACH and real-time payment channels with streamlined operations to grow rapidly, retain good customers, and reduce cart abandonment.

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Promotions Abuse

Catapult growth with promos that reach the right hands.

Retain loyal clients and attract new ones without wasting resources on multi-accounting, massive registrations, and user collusion. Build a resilient fraud architecture through detailed data analysis, a time-tested rules platform, bespoke SML and UML models, and intuitive visualization and decision tools.

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"We considered several vendors, and none could compare to the product innovation, scalability, and performance of DataVisor, which was able to not only meet our expectations for technology and product innovation but reduce our TCO."

Sara Frankhauser

|Chief Executive Offer

Swift Integration, Instant ROI

Full Compatibility with Internal Systems and Third Party Integrations and Data Sources

DataVisor - Digital Payments - Integration Diagram