Check and Deposit Fraud

Stop first-party and third-party check fraud with simplicity and context-based automated decisions. Minimize liabilities in check kiting, washing, counterfeiting, and duplicate deposit scenarios.

Protection for All Forms of Check Fraud

First-Party Check Fraud

Gain better visibility into deposits, including mobile remote deposit capture, by processing all signals and assessing risk instantly. Allow good customers to instantly access funds without exposing your financial institution to check kiting, duplicate deposit fraud, check floating, and more.

Third-Party Check Fraud

Prevent third-party check fraud by holistically analyzing user activity and blocking compromised accounts before the damage happens. Protect your customers, minimize dispute costs, and stop losses associated with check washing, counterfeits, check cooking, alterations, and scams.

Solution Overview

Fully Leverage and Supplement Existing Data

Fully leverage remote deposit capture (mRDC and RDC) software signals in real-time by seamlessly importing outputs into DataVisor’s Feature Platform. Supplement remote deposit signals with payor/payee account data, device and behavior intelligence, and previous manual review feedback to stop more check fraud before funds are released.

Monitor Transactions Contextually

Segment customer accounts by risk levels, and set differentiated permissions for remote deposit capture use. Set a maximum dollar value for deposits to new accounts, accounts with previous incidents of abuse, or suspected mule accounts in a no-code rule environment that puts your team in control.

Increase Automation and Implement Risk-Based Controls

Automatically reject fraudulent check deposits based on the number of checks issued in set periods of time or cumulative dollar amounts with Rules Engine. Tailor fund availability policies to each account’s risk profile, transaction amounts, and other circumstances that might signal a higher likelihood of fraud.

Check fraud scenarios have been surging upwards. Check how DataVisor's check fraud solution effectively addresses the key challenges faced by financial institutions.
Datavisor has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our enterprise success by seamlessly integrating their risk detection scores into our online-decisioning. Utilizing DataVisor’s innovative machine learning approach and robust fraud prevention platform, we were able to increase our own real-time fraud prevention.


|Director for Risk and Fraud

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