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DataVisor delivers the world’s most sophisticated AI-powered solutions to keep companies and their customers safe from fraud and abuse.

What We Do

The DataVisor approach combines applied machine learning capabilities with powerful investigative workflows and an intelligence network of more that 4B user accounts to provide real-time fraud signals, insights, and protection to preserve vital trust and security.

Our Vision

Our mission is to deliver the world’s most sophisticated AI-powered solutions to keep companies and their customers safe from fraud and abuse.

Our products combine breakthrough AI with seamless workflows to enable fraud and data science teams to proactively defeat emerging fraud with speed and agility.

Our approach draws on the power of proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms to detect known and unknown malicious behavior with pinpoint accuracy—all without the need for lengthy training times, large datasets, or frequent re-tuning.

Our Leadership Team

Yinglian has over 10 years of experience in security, specializing in fighting large-scale attacks with AI and Big Data technologies. Previously, Yinglian worked at Microsoft protecting hundreds of millions of users across a wide range of Microsoft products.

Yinglian Xie

CEO & Co-Founder

Fang spent 8 years at Microsoft Research developing big-data algorithms and systems for identifying various malicious traffic such as worms, spam, bot queries, hijacked accounts, and fraudulent financial transactions across a wide range of Microsoft products.

Fang Yu

CPO & Co-Founder

Priya brings over two decades of experience holding leadership roles in high-growth technology organizations, including industry leaders VISA and Cisco, and Silicon Valley unicorns Nutanix (IPO), Adaptive Insights (Acquired by Workday) and Feedzai.

Priya Rajan

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve has over two decades of experience in Product Management and Trust & Safety business leadership and strategy. He previously held leadership roles at eBay, letgo and OfferUp helping to protect millions of users from fraud and other negative experiences.

Steve Knopf

VP of Product

Hao has rich experience in both pre-sales operations as a Solution Architect at Oracle, and post-sales lifecycle management as Product Support Specialist at OSIsoft. His expertise and insights in risk management has helped 40+ clients implement large-scale anti-fraud systems and Trust & Safety practices.

Hao Li

Head of Customer Success

Caiwei Li has over ten years experience in fin-tech working for leading companies including Paypal and Visa. Before joining DataVisor, Caiwei was the Chief Software Architect in Risk at Ant Financial. He designed and developed a world-leading risk management platform to enable real-time fraud detection and risk control.

Caiwei Li


Eugene is an experienced finance leader who has helped several technology companies grow to $100m+ in revenue. He is particularly passionate about the cybersecurity space and likes DataVisor's mission to detect and prevent fraud and cyber-attacks.

Eugene Tighe

VP Finance

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