Financial Crime & Anti-Money Laundering

Modern end-to-end AML solution boasting cutting-edge technology and comprehensive functionalities powered by sophisticated machine learning and AI

Enhance Your AML Compliance with an AI-Powered Platform

Empower your fight against financial crimes with our cutting-edge solution, designed to minimize false positives, automate processes, and provide a holistic view of risk management.

Comprehensive End-to-End

The end-to-end functionality covers customer risk rating, screening, monitoring, case management, and automated SAR filing for streamlined AML compliance.

False Positive Reduction

Utilize AI-driven suggestions for precise rule tuning, significantly reducing false positives and enhancing efficiency with transparent, explainable insights.

Customized Risk Management

Empower your team to focus on high-risk customers by creating custom rules and enhancing KYC verification within our platform.


Dive Deeper into Our AML Solution

Money laundering costs financial institutions $14.21 billion in 2020. But legacy solutions are slow and lead to high false positives because they fail to harness data for accurate detection. In this guide, you’ll learn about innovations in AML technology that boost detection and resolve entities, while saving you time and effort.

AML due diligence

KYC and Customer Due Diligence

Elevate AML strategies by customizing risk scorecards to assess and categorize customer profiles effectively. Implement tailored verification flows for high-risk individuals and automate ongoing due diligence, ensuring dynamic, accurate risk management and improved operational efficiency in combating financial crimes.

Decision Flows

Risk Strategy

Operational Efficiency

AML transaction monitoring

Transaction Monitoring

Explore our pre-configured and customized AML Transaction Monitoring package, covering 10+ key scenarios you can use from the get-go. Benefit from AI-driven rule optimization, enhancing detection accuracy with ease, and enjoy the flexibility of both batch scheduling and real-time detection capabilities. You can keep the icons and the images.

New Threats Detection

Holistic Analysis

High Detection Coverage

AML smart investigations

Smart Investigations

Highlight interconnected alerts and cases for a holistic view of selected entities and maximize efficiency with the interactive features of our linkage analysis tool. Offer compliance managers a fully customizable workflow, from queue arrangements to access controls, ensuring optimal operational oversight.

Internal and Third-Party Data

Fuzzy Matching and Entity Resolution

Linkage Analysis

Banks and Fintechs drive AML compliance to New Heights

DataVisor sets the gold standard in AI-enhanced AML, with unparalleled success in reducing false positives and boosting automation through AI-driven rule optimization and sophisticated machine learning.