Financial Crime & Anti-Money Laundering

Adapt to new money-laundering tactics, reveal unknown financial crimes and maintain compliance and transparency.

Tap into the Power of AI to Stop Criminal Networks and Money Laundering

DataVisor’s AML platform innovates transaction monitoring with AI to surface unknown crimes, enhance identity resolution with data enrichment and linkage analysis, and boost efficiency with alert triage and prioritization. Datavisor empowers you to reduce exposure to financial crimes, eliminate compliance fines and minimize false positives.

Detection uplift
New Threat Detection Uplift

Uncover hidden connections and capture unknown financial crimes with an AI-powered approach.

False Positive Reduction
False Positive Reduction

Achieve high accuracy and low false positives to focus on real threats.

Review Efficiency
Efficiency Improvement

Increase operational efficiency with smart alert triage, prioritization and bulk action.

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Meet the Next-Generation AML Solution

Money laundering costs financial institutions $14.21 billion in 2020. But legacy solutions are slow and lead to high false positives because they fail to harness data for accurate detection. In this guide, you’ll learn about innovations in AML technology that boost detection and resolve entities, while saving you time and effort.

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Surface the Unknown. Enhance Transaction Monitoring.

Identify new threats and crime rings by uncovering hidden connections among multiple accounts, and analyzing correlated events and data holistically. DataVisor’s advanced machine learning improves transaction monitoring and gives investigation teams a bird’s-eye view of fast-evolving attacks, to boost detection coverage and increase SAR conversion rates.

New Threats Detection

Holistic Analysis

High Detection Coverage

Build a 360° View of Your Customer with Entity Resolution

Integrate with internal data, third-party data and sanctions lists to deliver greater insights into past customer behaviors and activities. Using fuzzy matching, entity resolution and linkage analysis, DataVisor dedupes and resolves imperfect and incomplete data sets, and creates aggregated customer profiles.

Internal and Third-Party Data

Fuzzy Matching and Entity Resolution

Linkage Analysis

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Triage Alerts. Prioritize Investigations.

DataVisor’s case management combines multiple similar alerts and consolidates them to enable bulk case review. Cases are prioritized based on their likelihood of being real money laundering cases vs. potential false positives. The ability to triage and prioritize alerts effectively reduces over-reporting and helps teams zero in on what matters, leading to 10X operational efficiency improvements.

Alert Triage

Case Prioritization

Bulk Decision

Get Comprehensive AML Monitoring with Advanced AI

Enhance detection and fluidly adapt to new and evolving money-laundering tactics. Get rapid reporting to detect fraudulent activities in real time, and file SARs before damage occurs. Maintain compliance with full transparency and explainable results.