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We put the best fraud management solutions in your hands and offer comprehensive support and resources to ensure you achieve maximum success with your customers.

DataVisor is Dedicated to Partner Success

DataVisor empowers our partners with the world’s most advanced AI-driven fraud solutions. With DataVisor, our partners can accelerate AI adoption for their clients with the power to drive value at every stage of the AI adoption cycle.. With strong technical expertise and domain knowledge in fraud, DataVisor supports partners every step of the way to take advantage of the market opportunities with the right tools and techniques.

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We Empower You With Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today

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Professional Services

Enjoy full marketing support, alongside access to valuable and informative resources, tools, and training materials.

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Earn commissions with exclusive access to high-value sales assets, online training, and our expert sales and technical staff.

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Effectively and profitably solve customer problems with rebate and joint-marketing opportunities and the full support of our partnership team.

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All-In Packages

Combine opportunities for comprehensive customer success and market leadership to leverage the full power of partnership.

Now Available on the Microsoft Azure Platform

DataVisor’s Feature Platform automates the feature engineering process by producing thousands of auto-derived features based on user-imported raw data and mapped fields. Contact us to gain access to a free trial for Feature Platform and start accelerating your feature engineering process!

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The Future of Fraud Prevention

DataVisor’s Partner Program is focused on putting advanced tools in the hands of our partners to enhance the value you bring to your customers. We arm our partners with the tools and support necessary to drive adoption of AI and ML-powered solutions in a fast-growing fraud market, to help you profitably implement the right solutions for your customers.

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