Card Fraud

Leverage machine learning, rules, and device and behavioral intelligence to make better decisions in real time that block bad payments and first-party fraud without adding friction for good customers.

Protection for Card Payments

Card-Not-Present Fraud

Actively monitor the deep and dark web for compromised card numbers and block accounts before transactional fraud is even attempted.

Card-Present Fraud

Real-time protection from stolen and cloned card transactions, even when compromised merchant accounts are involved.

First-Party Fraud

Unlock the power of data and enhance decisions by recognizing connections among accounts and behavior patterns that indicate abuse at the incubation stage.

Solution Overview

More Usable Data

Orchestrate transaction information (amount, channel, name, billing address, shipping address, CVV code match, etc.), device information (device ID, IP address, browser agents, copy-paste, typing speed, etc.), merchant/counterparty information (name, address, history, etc.), other user events (logins, call center logs, etc.), feedback information (chargebacks, bank declines, decline codes, dark web information, etc.), and third-party data sources in a single platform that provides fully informed fraud strategies.

Smarter Detection

Detect all forms of credit and debit card fraud with a comprehensive, real-time, and fully customizable platform that immediately flags changes in purchase behavior, location, device usage, transactional amounts, purchase velocity, and many more behaviors that indicate potential or clear card fraud.

Better Decisions

360-degree view of data, including third-party and enrichment signals for more confident and thorough investigations. Track debit and credit card fraud trends in Insights Center to continuously adjust strategies based on precision, recall, rule and model effectiveness, case volume, and more.

Credit card fraud is expected to exceed $400 billion in the next decade. Check out our solution sheet to learn how to adapt to new credit card fraud methods and eliminate them in real time.
"We considered several vendors, and none could compare to the product innovation, scalability, and performance of DataVisor, which was able to not only meet our expectations for technology and product innovation but reduce our TCO."

Sara Frankhauser

|Chief Executive Offer

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