Maximize the Impact of Your Promotions

Retain your most loyal clients and attract new ones without wasting marketing dollars on multi-accounting, fraudulent massive registrations, and user collusion. Build a resilient fraud architecture through detailed data analysis, a time-tested rules platform, bespoke SML and UML models, and intuitive visualization and decision tools.

Detection Uplift

Capture significantly more fraud to increase security and power growth.

Detection Accuracy

Achieve high accuracy and low false positives for positive customer experiences.

Annual Savings

Increase operational efficiency and reduce overhead ocsts

Food Delivery Unicorn Uses DataVisor For Fraud-Free Rapid Expansion

This client detected large-scale attacks before they inflicted damage and exposed under-the-radar collusion. DataVisor acted as a strategic partner for international expansion by providing advanced machine learning algorithms, big data analytics, and real-time fraud detection.

Protection From the Get-Go

Build certainty into your expansion strategy from day one by detecting fast-evolving abuse techniques, without the need for historical data or labels. Hit the ground running and stop fake accounts at registration to thwart bot-scripted activities.

New Attack Detection

Bot Attack Detection

No Need for Historical Data

Goodbye Bottlenecks. Hello Intuitive Review Workflows.

Reduce the number of cases that require review, and equip your team to handle them with accuracy. Automate actions to block fake accounts and neutralize malicious users, and make informed bulk decisions regarding hundreds of linked accounts.

Real-Time Results

Bulk Decisions

Automated Actions

Upgraded Fraud Prevention in Weeks, Not Months

DataVisor works with your existing systems and supports real-time or batch integration pipes. Rely on a designated team of specialists that will provide 24/7 support and comprehensive training to ensure that promotion abuse rates decrease significantly within weeks.

Behaviors and Activities

Digital Fingerprints

Cross-Account Linkages

Stop Promotion Abuse with Advanced AI

Harness the power of superior detection, immediate decision, and real-time analytics in a simple to use, intuitive SaaS platform. Confidently deploy sign-up bonus, referral bonus, free trial, reward policy, and other promotions with a powerful AI-based fraud solution that can process terabytes of behavioral and event information.