Application Fraud

Prevent fake and synthetic onboardings and identify high-risk applicants in card, loan, and BNPL products. Stop downstream losses and prevent unnecessary manual reviews and friction for good users.

Protection From All Forms of Application Fraud

Account Openings

Stop fake and synthetic demand deposit accounts, e-wallets, and digital service applications. Prevent downstream fraud damage and compliance risks, including mule accounts, check kiting, and loan fraud.

Credit Applications

Instantly evaluate credit card, BNPL, and personal loan applications in real-time. Balance growth and fraud risk exposure to ensure long-term business line profits and sustainability.

Solution Overview

Enrich Existing Data and Deploy New Sources Fast

Enrich internal databases, identity verifications, and credit inquiries, and add native device SDK data to create thousands of hyper-scalable out-of-box features for automated detection at scale.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of each applicant and active account, including its payment history, previous abuse instances, and behavioral and device data, and use it as the foundation of effective fraud strategies for cross-channel fraud prevention.

Leverage a Risk-Based Approach To Detect Fraud More Efficiently

Highlight good applications for automatic approval and investigate suspicious ones intuitively. Allow business and product teams to deliver tailored customer experiences that exceed expectations without increasing fraud and compliance exposure. Accomplish this by layering risk controls based on individual event/applicant assessments and leveraging machine learning models to deliver real-time results at scale.

Hit the Perfect Balance of Auto-Approvals, Rejections, and Manual Reviews.

Use an intuitive, no-code UI to set up automatic individual decisions that approve, reject, or send applications for review based on dynamic criteria that your team can adapt on-the-fly.

Take decisions one step further and visualize networks of fraud attempts to uncover connections across applicants, then act in bulk with features such as One-Click Investigation and black list management. Consistently meet existing target review rates and set future ones with accurate and actionable insights.

Application fraud is on a rise and poses a significant challenge for financial institutions. Learn how Datavisor provides 360 degree protection from application fraud.
Thanks to DataVisor, we are able to stay ahead of the criminals and catch fraud patterns that we haven’t seen before including organized crime rings, even when there is no fraud precedence. We can now take a holistic approach and connect the dots amongst large volumes of digital data and spot connections among related events to fight fraud without creating customer friction.


|VP, Fraud Strategy

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