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DataVisor Integration Guide for Comprehensive Fraud Solution

Flexible and rapid integration. Immediate ROI in two weeks.

DataVisor’s comprehensive fraud solution provides rapid and flexible integration with your systems in two weeks, and it supports:

  • Real-time and batch processing 
  • Asynchronous and synchronous modes
  • Structured and unstructured data

DataVisor’s solution works seamlessly with your current data architecture, orchestration solutions and third-party vendors. You only need to provide basic data fields and user events to get started.

Integration Overview


Integrate DataVisor’s solution with your existing systems by sending data through real-time or batch integration pipes. DataVisor’s fraud detection engine generates results via API or cloud bucket push that your systems can use to initiate auto-actions or improve downstream systems operations.

Datavisor empowers your analyst team to investigate complex cases and boost efficiency with a case management console. They can visualize links between various entities, conduct group-level and user-level reviews, and take bulk actions on fraudulent groups.

Start Using DataVisor’s Comprehensive Fraud Solution in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1: Integrate Data

Share a few lines of sample data to check data quality then stream data to DataVisor’s integration endpoint.

Step 2: Implement Detection System

Review DataVisor’s detection results and reason codes, and set up existing systems to parse in and take actions on the results.

Step 3: Start Using Results

Define the criteria of auto-actioning based on DataVisor’s detection results, and attend training sessions to learn how to use the case management consoles to boost operational efficiency.

Help and Support, When You Need It

Technical Account Manager

Enjoy full technical support delivered by dedicated technical account managers.

24/7 Support

Receive rapid responses and services at any time. Get immediate help by using email, Slack, Workspace, and DataVisor support portal. 

Comprehensive Training

Maximize your value from DataVisor by attending business reviews, best practice sharing and innovative education.

Continuous Performance Monitoring

Ensure system health and optimize model performance with DataVisor’s regular check-ins.

Customer Success

“In less than 2 weeks of time, we got fully integrated with DataVisor’s solution, and started to see our fraud rate reducing significantly.”

VP of Trust & Safety, A Fortune 50 Company


1. How long does the integration take? How much effort should we put in?

A: The integration usually takes less than two weeks and requires minimum effort and resources from your company. DataVisor will provide a professional team to help with the onboarding process, along with comprehensive training and 24/7 support. 

2. Does DataVisor’s comprehensive fraud solution work with our existing data analytics platforms such as Splunk?

A: Yes, our solution can be easily integrated with most data analytics platforms and data warehouse solutions, and it can ingest various data formats from multiple sources to enhance fraud detection. 

3. Does DataVisor’s solution work with other fraud vendors and orchestration solutions?

A: Yes, our solution can be seamlessly integrated into your existing fraud detection systems, and it complements other fraud solutions to provide layered protection for your business.

4. Does DataVisor’s solution support AWS, Azure, GCP or AliCloud?

A: Yes, our solution supports all major cloud infrastructure providers across the world, including AWS, GCP, Azure, AliCloud and more.

5. Does DataVisor’s solutionsupport on-premises deployment?

A: Yes, our solution can be implemented on-premises and in your private cloud.

6. How does DataVisor provide data security? 

A: DataVisor ensures your data is secure at every step. For every client, we implement the detection system to dedicated cloud machines, making sure that your data is only visible and accessible to you. We secure data transmission by providing advanced encryption at rest and supporting HTTPS for real-time data transfers.

7. Does DataVisor collect personally identifiable information (PII) data?

A: No, DataVisor is dedicated to protecting your privacy and your customers’ privacy, so we do not collect PII data. With the power of proprietary unsupervised machine learning, DataVisor is able to deliver high coverage and accuracy by processing non-PII data only.

8. What data does DataVisor’s solution need? 

A: DataVisor is flexible with your data availability and can deliver high performance based on the data you provide. For each use case, we will provide recommended data fields that have proven to be useful in the specific scenario, based on DataVisor’s experience with global customers and more than 4.2B protected users. 

9. We have a large customer base in Europe, so how does DataVisor support GDPR-compliant integration setup?

A: DataVisor’s solution enables full compliance with GDPR. We support deploying DataVisor’s detection systems in data centers located in Europe, so that your European users’ data will only be processed within Europe.

10. Does DataVisor provide training to my analyst team on how to use your case management tool?

A: Yes, DataVisor provides multiple training sessions to help the analyst team leverage DataVisor’s case management console to boost operational efficiency. These sessions include group-level fraud pattern review and actioning, user-level fraud pattern review and actioning, case queue management, case assigning and approval workflow, etc.

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