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We lead the market with a comprehensive fraud and risk platform that protects all use cases throughout entire account lifecycles and a commitment to customer success and product excellence. The world’s largest brands and Fortune 500 companies trust us to protect their business and customers from fraud.

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DataVisor is proud to protect the largest and most successful companies in the world.

Global Card Network

Keep up with Rapidly Evolving Transaction Fraud

Rules-based and supervised machine learning approaches have limited ability due to models’ fast decay and long build times. This customer augmented its existing fraud detection methods with DataVisor’s Unsupervised Machine Learning and its fraud team can now detect attacks early and prevent them instead of doing damage control when it's too late.

Defeat Account, ACH, and Card Fraud

Criminals used stolen credit cards and fraudulent ACH transactions to seed their accounts in addition to exploiting the promotions intended for good users. DataVisor’s Fraud Management Platform replaced the client’s legacy architecture and enabled it to leave behind transaction-level only investigations and move towards a holistic-view strategy that evaluates every event across the customer lifecycle.

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Detect Shipping Fraud Fast and Early

Fraudsters commit identity theft using the stolen information to mass-register fraudulent new accounts employed to reroute packages, scam good users with malicious emails, and track criminal shipments. The client leveraged DataVisor’s advanced machine learning technologies, holistic data analysis, and advanced contextual detection capabilities to preserve trust and safety on its platform.

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Prevent Account Takeovers and Large Scale Coordinated Attacks

Fraudsters take over user accounts in bulk and spam legitimate users. Legacy tools cannot catch up with new and evolving account takeover (ATO) techniques nor detect large groups of coordinated ATO. With DataVisor’s Unsupervised Machine Learning solution and device intelligence , this client captured sophisticated, large-scale, coordinated ATO attacks before damage occurred and prevented spambot attacks by identifying event correlations.

eCommerce Giant

Leverage Fraud Intelligence Across the Organization

A visionary fraud team at an entertainment giant started adopting graphing techniques with DataVisor Knowledge Graph and ID graphs to visualize the correlations between the attributes of its user base and discovered high value-add insights for areas beyond fraud, including marketing and customer success.

Global Travel Platform Copy

Defeat Promo Abuse and Fraud Attacks

Fraudsters were abusing promotion codes causing enormous fraud losses for both the client and its affiliates and partners. This client integrated DataVisor’s device intelligence and Machine Learning within weeks to stop the losses generated by fraudulent promotion abuse. It combined device intelligence, decision dashboards, and machine learning to detect new fraud patterns in real time and was ableto enter new markets with protection from day one.

Manage Risk With the Most Powerful AI-Based Fraud Platform

Harness the power of superior detection, automated decision-making, and real-time analytics in a simple-to-use and intuitive SaaS platform.