Account Onboarding

Safely onboard good customers without introducing additional layers of friction. Implement stricter controls to eliminate fake, synthetic and high-risk account openings and transform the customer experience with more approvals, streamlined processes and end-to-end governance.

Minimize Onboarding Delays. Maximize Your Revenue.

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New Account Opening

Improve the account onboarding experience by highlighting good applications for automatic approval. Investigate suspicious accounts intuitively by identifying high-risk locations, user connections, multi-accounting attempts, and bot attacks faster than ever with hundreds of unique data points and ready-to-run rules and ML models.

Onboarding Orchestration

Stay ahead of identity and first-party loan fraud without adding high-friction authentication steps for legitimate accounts by orchestrating KYC/KYB and other relevant data. Incorporate customized decision flows based on risk profiles without introducing bottlenecks that lead to increased risk and cost in onboarding.

Solution Overview

Gain a Single View of the Customer

Gain a comprehensive understanding of each user, including behavioral and device data, email, IP and other enrichment data, then use it as the foundation for effective KYC/KYB. Reduce expenses on third-party data sources by only executing queries for high-risk applications and events evaluated by real-time out-of-box scorecards to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase conversion rates.

Implement Controls in a Seamless Way

Allow business and product teams to deliver tailored customer experiences that exceed expectations without increasing fraud and compliance exposure. Accomplish this by layering risk controls based on individual event/applicant assessments and leveraging machine learning models to deliver real-time results at scale.

Accelerate Approval Time. Make Decisions with Confidence.

Take decisions one step further and visualize networks of account openings to uncover connections across applicants. Act in bulk with features such as One-Click Investigation and blacklist management. Consistently meet existing target review rates and set future ones with accurate and actionable insights. Focus analyst resources to review applications that are truly suspicious and allow their resolutions to feed into machine learning detection algorithms to improve detection consistently.

"Datavisor has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our enterprise success by seamlessly integrating their risk detection scores into our online-decisioning. Utilizing DataVisor’s innovative machine learning approach and robust fraud prevention platform, we were able to increase our own real-time fraud prevention."


|Director of Risk and Fraud

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