This week DataVisor is headed to Hangzhou, China for Alibaba’s The Computing Conference 2017, where over 40,000 developers, IT professionals, thought leaders, tech media, and cloud enthusiasts from all over the world gather to discuss the latest advancements in cloud computing. Our VP of Engineering, David Ting, will be presenting on “Using Modern Cloud Technology to Power Big Data-Based Fraud Detection” on Wednesday October 11 at 3pm CST (China Standard Time).

David’s talk will cover how today’s cyber criminals are growing more sophisticated than ever before – using large armies of fraudulent user accounts to conduct widely-distributed attacks against consumer-facing online services. This new age of warfare requires an equally advanced defense – one that can automatically adapt to the evolving attack techniques of these adversaries as well as keep up with monitoring the billions of users using these online services. DataVisor has partnered with Alibaba Cloud to use the latest in artificial intelligence and big data technologies to deliver a massively scalable fraud analytics solution to detect these malicious campaigns before they can conduct any damage.

If you’d like to come by to learn more about DataVisor and how we are changing the world of fraud detection using unsupervised machine learning to detect sophisticated fraudsters hiding inside online services, please stop by to talk with our team of AI experts at Booth #D3-T403.

DataVisor protects some of the largest companies in the world, including Momo, Cheetah Mobile, Pinterest, Yelp and Alibaba Cloud, from fraud, abuse and other financially-motivated crimes. We have protected over two billion users and analyzed over 600 billion events to date leading to the detection of over 170 million bad accounts. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at