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July 15, 2020 - DataVisor

D E F E N D The Future of Digital Fraud & Risk

The fraud and risk landscape is changing rapidly and over the last few months has become more dangerous than ever. In the wake of COVID-19, people and organizations around the world have had to adapt quickly to the “new normal.” The digital-first world has brought an increasing reliance on digital platforms and technologies that have broadened the playing field for fraudsters to launch sophisticated and coordinated attacks via digital channels.  As a result of all of these things, fraud rates are on the rise. Since March, we’ve seen a 40% increase in account fraud, and transaction fraud has doubled. Modern fraudsters are adept at infiltrating financial institutions and wreaking havoc — and their attacks are coordinated, adaptive, and massive. Businesses must be just as coordinated and act quickly to fortify their defenses in order to protect employees and customers from emerging fraud attacks and cyber risks.

Legacy fraud and risk solutions can’t keep pace with modern fraudsters — only AI-powered platforms are smart enough to uncover known and unknown patterns before they cause damage. Are you prepared to defend yourself from modern fraud? 

As a leader in Enterprise Fraud and Risk Management, DataVisor is bringing together thought leaders together for an interactive discussion on how AI-powered technology can enable scalable protection, DataVisor: DEFEND, the first in a series of virtual gatherings where we’ll be discussing the future of digital fraud and risk with expert practitioners and technology leaders who will share their experience and expertise for advancing fraud and risk management across industries.

The first of the DEFEND series, will be moderated by Jonathan Reiber, Senior Director of Cybersecurity Strategy and Policy at AttackIQ and former Department of Defense Chief Strategy Officer for Cyber Policy in the Obama administration. Jonathan has led cybersecurity strategy for a number of Silicon Valley companies, and he advises governments and organizations on the risks of digitization, as well as the political, policy and technical solutions required to mitigate those risks.

Joining the panel is DataVisor’s CEO and cofounder Yinglian Xie and PwC’s Fraud and Economic Crimes Solution expert, Brian Castelli along with other media experts. They will discuss key points around:

  • Trends and challenges in online security in today’s digital-first economy
  • How recent growth in online activity requires a new approach to fraud and risk management. 
  • Advanced machine learning techniques that can help fight fraud, without compromising data privacy.

Join us at this interactive session and get your questions answered by these experts.

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