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React, or Prevent? Why Organizations Must Embrace A Proactive Approach To Fraud Management

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Proactive fraud prevention is a concept, but it’s also something that can be applied in very tangible and tactical ways.

If you're only keeping up with fraud, you're already behind. It's only through proactive fraud prevention approaches that modern fraud can be stopped.

3 Tips for Adopting a Fraud Prevention Approach for the Long Term

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Defining a fraud strategy that can accommodate continuous change is no easy task. But it is possible.

Here are three tips on how you can implement a fraud strategy that enables you and your team to react rapidly to emerging fraud channels, patterns, and techniques.

DataVisor Introduces dCube

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dCube is the complete AI-powered fraud management solution that enables the proactive defeat of emerging fraud.

dCube features a hyper-modern architecture to manage complex digital signals at big data scale. it enables all stakeholders to collaborate on a single platform. The result is increased operational efficiency, significant financial savings, and frictionless customer experiences.

The Worrisome Rise of Credential Stuffing

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Bot-powered credential stuffing attacks are coordinated, automated, massive in scale, and they must be stopped.

To prevent credential stuffing and account takeover, an advanced fraud management solution is required; one that can review users and events holistically, and reveal the clandestine correlations and patterns that signify fraudulent attacks.