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Bot attacks, and one airline’s battle to defeat them

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As malicious bot attacks become more sophisticated, the ticketing industry is struggling. One airline is fighting back.

Modern online fraud is massive in scale, and the rise of bot-powered attacks has increased scope and complexity. Reactive strategies are not enough. The goal shouldn’t be to fix the damage. The goal should be to prevent it.

DataVisor Introduces dCube

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dCube is the complete AI-powered fraud management solution that enables the proactive defeat of emerging fraud.

dCube features a hyper-modern architecture to manage complex digital signals at big data scale. it enables all stakeholders to collaborate on a single platform. The result is increased operational efficiency, significant financial savings, and frictionless customer experiences.

The Worrisome Rise of Credential Stuffing

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Bot-powered credential stuffing attacks are coordinated, automated, massive in scale, and they must be stopped.

To prevent credential stuffing and account takeover, an advanced fraud management solution is required; one that can review users and events holistically, and reveal the clandestine correlations and patterns that signify fraudulent attacks.

Are Mobile Devices the Leading Target for Fraudsters?

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Fraudsters are constantly finding ways to commit fraud through the mobile channel.

The most effective way to address modern mobile attacks is by finding hidden connections between accounts and activities in order to catch fraud before damage happens.

Digital Fraud Trends for 2018 and Outlook for 2019

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DataVisor's CEO discusses the biggest trends in digital fraud from 2018 and makes predictions for 2019.

With the onslaught of high profile fraud attacks, there is no doubt that fraud management teams will need to incorporate new AI and machine learning approaches to secure their technology architecture as they win the hearts and minds of their valuable customers.

What Fraudsters Are Doing with Breached Data

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Learn how fraudsters are using breached data to monetize their crimes and inflict systemic damage.

There are broad implications associated with data and personal information being exposed. While organizations need to take preventative measures against data breaches, they also need to protect themselves against any fraudulent activity that might follow the data compromise.

3 Keys to Fraud Detection for the Modern Wave of Sophisticated Fraud

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Explore insights about proactive approaches to fraud prevention, and the role of unsupervised machine learning.

Digital fraud attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and their complexity brings more and more concern for social forums, digital commerce, online banking and other consumer-facing enterprises. New fraud types require new fraud solutions.

Deconstructing Recent Data Breaches

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Explore how breaches happen, the ways customers are impacted, and how damage can be contained.

Compromised accounts are sold for a variety of downstream attacks impacting retailers, financial services, and e-commerce platforms. This makes it necessary for organizations to implement system-level protection and create protective layers at the application level.

5 Essential Ways to Protect Marketplaces from Holiday Fraud

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Holidays provide fraudsters with ample attack opportunities. Unsupervised Machine Learning offers a viable defense.

DataVisor provides a holistic solution to solve all marketplace use cases for both buyers and sellers. DataVisor protects marketplaces through the entire cycle—from account opening through all ensuing activities—with comprehensive account monitoring.