Up-Level Your Fraud Strategy with DataVisor

Out with your old, legacy system – in with real-time, intelligent fraud & risk management.

Still using a legacy fraud solution like Verafin for fraud & risk management? Then fraud is slipping through the cracks -and impacting your good customers and incurring hidden costs. Not only are legacy fraud platforms rigid, bulky and hard to manage, they lack the ability to leverage real-time signals – and that means your fraud team is working overtime to evaluate risky transactions. It’s time to up-level your fraud and risk strategy.

As the world’s leading fraud and risk management platform, DataVisor enables you to proactively manage fast-evolving fraud and mitigate risks – as they’re happening. Powered by AI, the platform detects new and emerging fraud with extreme accuracy, scales infinitely, and supports rapid and flexible integration with your existing systems.

With DataVisor you get:

  • A comprehensive set of tools for the entire fraud workflow
  • Patented machine learning technology
  • Native device intelligence 
  • A powerful decisioning engine
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