Modernize Your Fraud Defense

End-to-end fraud and risk SaaS platform that is powered by AI and advanced machine learning for financial institutions and large organizations to combat against a variety of fraud and financial crimes, all in real time.

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Why Customers Choose DataVisor


Increase in Approval Rate to Grow Customers

Improve customer experience by reducing friction and false positives, while accurately identifying bad actors. Enhanced user trust and security will lead to growth and loyalty.

Reduction in
Fraud Losses

Create a centralized intelligence platform and employ an ensemble of machine learning techniques to improve detection results and prevent attacks before they happen.

Efficiency Lift, Increase

Leverage generative AI and advanced tools to automate time-consuming tasks like rule optimization, feature development and fraud investigations. Streamline operations and boost efficiency.

Security Standard

Ensure your company and customers’ data is completely secure and that you are in compliance with the latest standards.
S02 Type II
GDPR compliant
CCPA Cpmpliant

The DataVisor Difference

Real-time Data Orchestration and Decisioning

Bid farewell to data silos and the inefficiencies of batched decisioning. DataVisor’s platform seamlessly integrates with your existing data infrastructure, transforming it into a centralized intelligence hub. Unlock the power of predictive analytics for actionable insights that will revolutionize your decision-making processes.

Generative AI-Powered Detection
& Automation

Stay ahead of the curve with DataVisor’s advanced technology. Our platform empowers you with early detection and adaptive response capabilities against emerging fraud attacks, thanks to our patented machine learning algorithms. Experience a 20 times faster and more accurate fraud detection rate with our AI Co-Pilot, leveraging state-of-the-art Generative AI technology.

Comprehensive Fraud Solution Suite

DataVisor offers an all-encompassing fraud solution suite designed to elevate your fraud-fighting capabilities. Addressing every aspect of your workflow and catering to a wide range of use cases, our tools simplify complexity and optimize your processes. Streamline your operations with confidence, knowing that DataVisor has you covered.

Quick Onboarding, No Hidden Fee

Escape the frustration of lengthy onboarding processes and hidden fees. DataVisor ensures a quick and painless onboarding experience, providing protection within weeks. Our platform eliminates the need for frequent re-tuning, saving you valuable time and long-term investment. Experience peace of mind with DataVisor – where transparency and efficiency converge.

Solutions for Your Business

Real-time detection and decisions at scale for all lines of business—protect ACH, cards, checks, and more.
credit union icon
Control fraud in new accounts, lending, and ACH/card/wire payments. Stay compliant and grow confidently.
digital payments icon
Real-time detection and decisions at scale for all payment channels—from ACH to cards, wallets, and more.
fintech icon
Proven expertise to protect BNPL, exchanges, and more with a focus on user experience to unlock growth.

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DataVisor seamlessly integrates with the essential tools for your fraud and risk workflow, requiring no extra integration, offering cost savings, and ready to use straight out of the box.
DataVisor seamlessly integrates with the essential tools for your fraud and risk workflow, requiring no extra integration, offering cost savings, and ready to use straight out of the box.

Single Hub, Complete Protection

Account Onboarding

Account Onboarding

Minimize Onboarding Delays, Maximize Revenue.
Application Fraud

Application Fraud

Balance risk in account onboardings and loan applications.
AML Compliance

AML Compliance

Manage BSA/AML programs and limit risk exposure.
Wire transfer fraud icon

ACH and Wire Fraud

Combat financial crime in electronic fund transfers.
card fraud icon

Card Fraud

Block bad payments and reduce false declines.
Check fraud icon

Check Fraud

Stop first and third-party check and deposit fraud.

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