Bot Attack Detectionb

Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance.

Prevent fraudsters from mass-registering fake accounts, and eliminate and block fraudulent product listings. Deter bad actors from scamming legitimate buyers and spamming good customers. Maintain the hard-earned trust in your platform by preventing account takeovers and fraudulent purchases.

Detection uplift
Detection Uplift

Capture significantly more fraud to increase security and power growth.

caught at registration

Proactive solutions for early detection and preventionn

2 weeks
Annual Savings

in fraud losses

Powerful Real-Time Detection at Scale

Defeat even the largest and most complex bot attacks with a powerful combination of advanced machine learning, clustering analytics, and real-time detection capabilities. Stop bot-scripted accounts from being created, and accurately distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent actions and accounts.

Early Detection at the Point of Registration

Detect bot-registered fake accounts at the point of registration, and capture incubating accounts before any damage occurs. Get immediate protection on day one, without the need for historical data or labels. Restore and maintain restore trust while eliminating fraud losses.




Holistic Data Analysis to Reveal Covert Connections

Discover hidden connections between accounts with a holistic approach to analyzing user histories, behavior changes, and suspicious patterns, across millions of accounts. Capture significantly more bot-powered attacks and dramatically reduce fraud losses.

Fake Accounts

Bot-Scripted ATO

Spams and Scams

High-Confidence Bulk Decisions

Significantly boost review efficiency by using linkage analysis to identify coordinated bot-powered attacks and confidently apply bulk decisions. Take automatic actions–block, quarantine, and more–for high-confidence results, significantly reducing the number of cases that require manual review.




Defeat Sophisticated ATO with Advanced AI

Detect and prevent even the most sophisticated ATO attacks before damage happens. Eliminate false positives, and consistently deliver friction-free experiences to good customers.