Application Fraud

Proactively detect coordinated attacks across applications. Prevent existing malicious accounts from causing damage, and stop new fake accounts from being created.

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Early Detection for the Future of Financial Protection

Fast-rising application fraud is a significant threat to financial institutions. Attack patterns and techniques are ever-evolving, highly sophisticated, and incredibly coordinated. Using stolen, manufactured, or synthetic identities, cyber criminals are evading blacklists and rule-based systems, causing billions of dollars in losses for financial institutions. DataVisor's solutions enable holistic analysis of account and card applications, and early detection capabilities prevent fake accounts from being created in the first place.

Image for Credit Card Applications
Credit Card Applications

To open fraudulent accounts, attackers use personal information stolen from data breaches, or they nurture synthetic identities until favorable FICO scores are established. Too often these techniques pass under the radar of existing systems. DataVisor's solutions analyze structured and unstructured data to detect known and unknown fraud, and flag suspicious incidents and activities that appear legitimate in isolation, but are in fact part of coordinated attacks.

Image for Direct Deposit Accounts
Direct Deposit Accounts

Fraudsters open new accounts with the intent to commit check fraud, deposit fraud, or to apply for future loans. They use sophisticated techniques to cover their tracks, including IP blacklists and rules-based systems. DataVisor’s machine learning models continuously monitor accounts to identify and eliminate suspicious sleeper cells, without impacting good customers.

Efficient and Effective Solutions

Analyze whole networks of applications to detect hidden connections that may appear legitimate when viewed in isolation. Enjoy a seamless user experience, and benefit from the ability to detect fraud in real time, without the need for labels, historic data, or extensive training.

Image for Speed to Value
Speed to Value

Detect application fraud without the need for labels, historic data, or extensive training. Get real-time risk scores with unparalleled accuracy, industry-leading coverage, and impressively low false-positive rates.

Image for No More Alert Fatigue
No More Alert Fatigue

Discover clusters of linked accounts and make bulk decisions by detecting and eliminating hundreds, or even thousands, of fraudulent attacks simultaneously. Streamline alerts automatically based on individual thresholds to greatly reduce alert volume.

Image for Self-Learning, Self-Tuning
Self-Learning, Self-Tuning

Evaluate results and provide inputs to effectively auto-tune fraud models. Dramatically cut costs associated with manually updating rules or retuning.

Client Success Stories

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