Transaction Fraud

Stay ahead of rapidly-evolving attack patterns to prevent financial loss by searching out new patterns, trends, and suspicious correlations.

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Full-Scale Protection for Fast-Moving Commerce

Transaction fraud has evolved from single-party credit card theft to a full-blown enterprise. Fraudsters now orchestrate highly-intelligent attacks with arsenals of stolen credit cards, personal information, and two-step authentication scripts. DataVisor’s approach, powered by proprietary unsupervised machine learning algorithms, does not require data or labels to detect new attack techniques. Our fully autonomous technology drastically reduces response time to fraudulent attacks.

Image for Card Not Present
Card Not Present

EMV technology has forced attackers to adapt and pivot to ‘card not present’ transactions. Fight these fraudulent transactions by combining and sending structured and unstructured digital signals in real time.

Image for Real-Time Payments
Real-Time Payments

When transferring money, speed and convenience are paramount for both customers and fraudsters alike. Early detection enables you to prevent fraudulent account openings and allows for continuous monitoring for suspicious transfer requests.

Image for Digital Wallets
Digital Wallets

Digital coupons, promotions, and loyalty programs drive customer engagement and retention. But one breach can undermine customer trust and result in account takeovers and financial loss. Detect and eliminate these attacks before they cause harm.

Machine Learning Reimagined

Massive numbers of ever-evolving attacks are putting significant pressure on fraud teams to try and not just keep up, but get ahead on detecting fraud. A key challenge is that existing fraud detection solutions that might work well on training and testing data are unable to keep up with sophisticated and varied new attack techniques.

Image for Uncover New Fraud Patterns
Uncover New Fraud Patterns

Surface new patterns, spot trends, and identify suspicious correlations without historic labels.

Image for Minimize Maintenance
Minimize Maintenance

Enjoy consistent performance over time without the need for retuning, and prevent decay in production.

Image for Enjoy Immediate Results
Enjoy Immediate Results

Integrate powerful unsupervised machine learning solutions immediately and achieve optimal performance right away.

Client Success Stories

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DataVisor’s Q1 2019 Fraud Index Report delivers deep insights into the latest attack trends and the most effective fraud prevention strategies.

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Adapt rapidly to transaction fraud.

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