Less Payment Fraud and More Approved Orders for Digital Commerces

Stop all types of digital payment fraud in real time, help merchants reduce chargebacks, eliminate false declines and streamline operations. DataVisor combines the power of advanced rules, proactive machine learning, mobile-first device intelligence and a full suite of automation, visualization and case management tools to help you grow rapidly, without fraud risks.

Detection Uplift

Capture significantly more payment fraud to increase security and power growth.

Detection Accuracy

Approve more good orders and deliver frictionless customer experiences.

Annual Savings

Reduce financial losses and increase operational efficiency.

From Payment Protection to Customer Lifecycle Protection

Modern fraudsters can take advantage of any touchpoint along your customer’s journey to exploit your business. A one-time risk assessment at the point of entry can’t stop them. DataVisor leverages device intelligence, rules, machine learning, linkage analysis and bot detection to assess risk with precision and accuracy, and stop fraud at the gate.

Stop Fraudulent Payments Early and Easily

Reduce chargebacks, digital payment fraud and friendly fraud with a full spectrum of fraud detection capabilities. DataVisor combines the simplicity of a rules engine and the scalability of machine learning with rich digital data and device intelligence to secure your rapidly-growing businesses across all digital channels.

Rules Engine

Machine Learning

Device Intelligence

Automate Decisions. Streamline Operations.

Manual reviews are costly, difficult to scale and time-consuming. DataVisor provides a comprehensive platform for case management, automation and reporting to help merchants automate decisions, manage fraud queues, take bulk actions and expedite reviews. Your analysts can reduce intensive manual reviews and focus on strategic initiatives, and uplevel teams’ performance.

Automated Decision

Dashboard and Reporting

Bulk Action

Reduce False Declines. Delight Customers.

Approve more payments, reduce customer friction and increase your topline revenue. DataVisor delivers 95% accuracy and less than 1% false positives, to help you identify and optimize acceptance rates. Deliver frictionless and personalized purchase experiences for your good customers by analyzing extensive data and behavior signals collected by DataVisor’s device intelligence solution.

More Approved Payments

Less False Declines

Personalized Experience

Stop Payment Fraud with Advanced AI

Harness the power of advanced analytics, device intelligence and automation tools to protect your business against economic losses.