Fraud Management for Shipping and Delivery

Proactively prevent fake and compromised accounts from rerouting or shipping packages to unusual addresses. Ensure platform safety, protect good customers, and reduce fraud losses.

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Advanced Capabilities, Outstanding Performance.

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Image for Data-Driven Insights
Data-Driven Insights

Holistically analyze structured and unstructured data from weblogs, shipment, user profiles and more to identify fast-changing shipping and delivering fraud.

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Track and detect activities and events initiated by bots and human farms to block fake accounts and large-scale fraudulent shipping requests.

Image for Reduced Overhead
Reduced Overhead

Automate decisioning, reduce manual review efforts, and free up your team from the burdens of intensive reviews.

Client Success Stories

Shipping Fraud Case Study

When a top delivery services company that processes over 6 billion packages annually succumbs to mass registration attacks, it’s a complex problem that demands an advanced solution. Fortunately, using dVector from DataVisor, the company…

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Keeping Platforms Safe: AI and Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention

Every company is different, and every attack is different. When it comes to defeating fraud, success is determined organization by organization. From mass registrations and fake listings, to ATO and spam, to promo abuse and bot attacks,…

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Large Mobile C2C Marketplace Uses DataVisor to Create a Trustworthy and Safe Platform

DataVisor helped protect a large, mobile P2P Marketplace from fraud and abuse using Unsupervised Machine Learning.

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