Prevent Transaction Fraud in Real Time while Reducing False Declines

Protect all forms of digital transactions, including real-time payments, digital wallets, wire transfers, ACH, CNP and more. DataVisor’s solution looks beyond transaction data to analyze diverse events holistically, including account-level data, behavioral data and device data. DataVisor’s machine learning solution expands detection coverage and stops fast-evolving fraud attacks, without adding friction to the customer journey.

Detection uplift
Detection Uplift

Capture more fraud in real time with a holistic approach, powered by machine learning.

Detection Accuracy

Approve more good transactions and deliver frictionless customer experiences.

Annual Savings

Reduce financial losses and increase operational efficiency.

Top Payment Network Boosts Transaction Fraud Detection

Top Payment Network Boosts Transaction Fraud Detection

Outdated fraud models, delayed fraud labels and incomplete data were major challenges for this top payment network, resulting in millions of dollars in fraud losses annually. See how DataVisor’s AI-driven fraud solutions accelerated model development by 5X and delivered a 20% uplift in fraud detection with 94% accuracy.

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Reduce Financial Losses. Stay Proactive for Fast-Evolving Fraud.

Boost transaction fraud detection by analyzing various events and account-level data holistically, instead of focusing on isolated events. Combine unsupervised and supervised machine learning to solve the challenges of model decay, delayed labels and incomplete data -- and stay ahead of fast-evolving fraud attacks.

Transaction Data

Account-Level Data

Synthetic Fraud

Device Intelligence

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Approve More Transactions. Grow Your Business Faster.

Approve legitimate transactions quickly, and provide your customers with a smooth experience by reducing verifications and false declines. DataVisor reduces false positive rates to less than 1%, so you can approve more transactions. Advanced automation tools empower you to make accurate decisions in seconds and take actions at large scale to streamline the process.

CNP Transaction

Approve More Transactions

Reduce False Declines

Automate Decisions

Real-Time Solution, Built for Faster Payments

Provide reliable, scalable and real-time solutions that deliver high throughput and extremely low latency response times -- 50-100 ms -- for massive-scale transactions even under surge conditions. DataVisor’s platform is highly distributed to process all transactions in different subspaces and update all fraud features, enabling real-time fraud detection for digital banking.

Modern Architecture

Low Latency


Real-Time Decisions


Minimum Retuning. Reduce Model Decay Significantly.

Traditional machine learning models decay fast upon deployment, causing high maintenance cost and fraud losses. DataVisor’s unsupervised learning model does not rely on historical labels so it is fast to build and does not require constant model retuning. When combining it with supervised learning models, the fraud detection rate remains exceptional even after 6 months, saving extensive maintenance efforts.

Safe Growth

No Constant Retuning


Rapid Model Building

Financial Loss

Low Cost of Maintenance

Stop Transaction Fraud with Advanced AI

Boost fraud detection and coverage, approve good transactions without friction and make confident, accurate decisions in real time.