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DataVisor Integration Guide for Device Intelligence

Flexible and rapid integration. Immediate ROI in two weeks.

DataVisor’s device intelligence solution dEdge provides rapid and flexible integration with your systems in two weeks, and it supports: 

  • iOS apps
  • Android apps
  • Web browsers

DataVisor’s device intelligence solution empowers your organizations to mitigate fast-evolving threats from mobile and web.

Integration Overview


Easily integrate DataVisor dEdge SDK to start collecting device data via an app (Android/iOS) or a web browser (PC/mobile). All data is encrypted and sent to dEdge server, which returns a token for that device that you can use to query the dEdge server for device-specific information, such as device IDs, risk scores and other risk signals. This device intelligence can be used in conjunction with rule-based algorithms or machine learning engines to further enhance detection.

If you are also subscribing to the other DataVisor solutions, such as our dOps fraud and risk operation platform or our dVecto– managed ML-based fraud detection service, dEdge integrates with them seamlessly. The device intelligence and risk signals collected by dEdge are automatically fed into DataVisor’s machine learning and rules engine for powerful fraud detection.

Start Using DataVisor’s Device Intelligence in 4 Easy Steps



Step 1: Embed the SDK

Embed dEdge SDK to your iOS/Android app or HTML5 webpage.

Step 2: Initialize the App

Initialize the app to send device information to the dEdge server and fetch the device token.

Step 3: Query the dEdge Server

Query the dEdge server WebAPI to obtain device signals.

Step 4: Integrate dEdge with Other Solutions

Integrate the device signals with your solutions to elevate your detection capability.

Help and Support, When You Need It

Technical Account Manager

Enjoy full technical support delivered by dedicated technical account managers.

24/7 Support

Receive rapid responses and services at any time. Get immediate help by using email, Slack, Workspace, and DataVisor support portal. 

Comprehensive Training

Maximize your value from DataVisor by attending business reviews, best practice sharing and innovative education.

Continuous Performance Monitoring

Ensure system health and optimize model performance with DataVisor’s regular check-ins.

Customer Success

“In less than 2 weeks of time, we got fully integrated with DataVisor’s solution, and started to see our fraud rate reducing significantly.”

VP of Trust & Safety, A Fortune 50 Company



1. How long does the integration take? How much effort should we put in?

A: The integration usually takes less than two weeks and requires minimum effort and resources from your company. DataVisor will provide a professional team to help with the onboarding process, along with comprehensive training and 24/7 support.


2. What data does DataVisor dEdge collect? 

A: dEdge collects device hardware information and engineers features to extract insightful signals. We make sure that our data collection is compliant with iOS and Android privacy policies.


3. How does DataVisor dEdge provide data security? 

A: dEdge has an internal algorithm to verify tokens, so that hackers cannot fake our tokens. DataVisor also uses access keys, IP whitelisting, white-box encryption and HTTPs to further secure data access.


4. Does DataVisor dEdge collect personally identifiable information (PII) data?

A: No, DataVisor is dedicated to protecting your privacy and your customers’ privacy, so we do not collect PII data. With the power of proprietary unsupervised machine learning, DataVisor is able to deliver high coverage and accuracy by processing non-PII data only.


5. Will DataVisor dEdge slow down our app and web? 

A: No, dEdge does not affect user experience on host apps or websites, as it consumes minimal CPU and memory resources.


6. Does DataVisor dEdge work with other fraud vendors and orchestration solutions?

A: Yes, dEdge can be seamlessly integrated into your existing fraud detection systems, and it complements other fraud solutions to provide layered protection for your business.

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