Stories from the Frontline: E-Commerce and Marketplace Fraud

Fast-growing digital businesses need reliable fraud detection, existing solutions can’t support real-time decisions at scale. Fraudsters can take advantage of every touchpoint along the customer journey, and one-time risk assessments at the time of login or payment are insufficient to stop them.

In this booklet, we profile four DataVisor customers -- all fast-growing digital businesses -- who have saved millions in fraud losses while realizing substantial operational efficiencies and delivering a frictionless customer experience.


Increased fraud detection by 300% 

Caught 88% of fraudsters before the first attack

Get actionable tips from e-commerce leaders fighting fraud.

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Download the booklet to learn how DataVisor customers:

Fight Fraud at Every Step Along the Customer Journey

A large C2C marketplace improved operational efficiency by 20x

Saved $6 million in fraud loss

Trusted by Leading Brands

"With DataVisor and unsupervised machine learning, we were able to identify and stop mass-scale fraud attacks before they had any effect on our users."

Steve Knopf

Vice President of Trust and Safety

Improved operational efficiency by 20X