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Food Delivery App Stops Promo Abuse and Buyer-Seller Collusion

A global online food ordering and delivery platform with over 100 million monthly active users and in more than 20 countries needed to maintain their rapid expansion but prevent buyer-seller collusion.

This collusion caused several headaches for the app:

  • Existing fraud solutions couldn’t scale or catch unknown fraud.
  • They needed real-time decisioning on massive data volumes.
  • Their rapid expansion uncovered new sophisticated collusion.
  • The existing solution caused friction for existing customers.
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The Results
detection uplift.
of fraudsters caught at registration.
annual savings in fraud losses in USD.
  • DataVisor’s unsupervised machine learning captured bot-registered malicious accounts early at the registration stage and uncovered buyer-seller collusion.
  • Real-time detection supported highly qualified presumptions of safety with low latency.
  • Their new proactive solution ensured the business could get immediate results without the need for historical data and labels, and deliver a frictionless experience for good users.

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