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Reveal 5 Secrets Behind UML’s Ability to Detect Hidden Fraud Patterns

Discover how to leverage unsupervised machine learning to reveal and stop new, sophisticated frauds as they occur.

This guide will show you:

  • Ways UML catches new fraud patterns you might not know
  • How to leverage UML to reduce false positives
  • How UML passes the model governance process
  • How to unlock UML’s scalability and agility
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Why download this ebook?

As advancements in fraud prevention technology progress, so too do fraudsters’ ever more sophisticated strategies. Cutting-edge technologies like deepfakes help them perpetrate fraud and trick good customers in real-time.

Conventional rules engines and supervised machine learning often struggle to keep pace with these rapidly changing fraud patterns. But fraud teams have a powerful counterpunch in unsupervised machine learning (UML). In fact, it’s so powerful even regular users don’t know some of the best fraud prevention secrets UML holds.

Our handbook, “5 Unsupervised Machine Learning Secrets You Might Not Know,” unveils these hidden advantages in a clear and actionable manner. Download your copy now to explore how incorporating UML into your fraud prevention toolkit can bolster your organization’s defense against fraudulent activities.

5 secrets of UML

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