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[Guide] Artificial Intelligence Compliance for Financial Services

What we discuss in this guide:

  • What rules should financial institutions follow in connection with artificial intelligence?
  • How are regulators using artificial intelligence nowadays and what does this mean for financial institutions?
  • What are some interesting recent developments in the regulation of artificial intelligence?
  • How can companies take a proactive approach and prepare themselves to win in an artificial intelligence-intensive future?
Arm your compliance team

Regulated financial institutions increasingly stand to gain a lot from using artificial intelligence to enhance different internal processes and improve their customer interactions. As a result, the industry’s biggest names have invested millions of dollars into this technology.

At the same time, regulators have made huge strides in leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to supervise financial institutions and markets, particularly through the use of machine learning.

Do you have the knowledge to succeed in the new age of financial services?

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Ideal for fraud strategists

  • Learn to use AI fraud detection within the rules of current regulation
  • Discover the power AI brings to fraud prevention now and what it can bring in the future
  • Position your team at the forefront of innovation and fraud-fighting capability
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