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Open Finance: The Future and Challenge of Data Sharing

Read our Infographic to learn:

  • What is Open Finance, and what are the opportunities for banks, lenders and customers?
  • Risks and challenges of Open Finance models, and how to mitigate them
  • Tips and best practices for approaching an Open Finance model
Learn All about Open Finance

In Open Finance, banks and fintech companies come together to enable collaborative and secure data sharing between lenders and customers. Open Finance delivers big benefits to all stakeholders, but there are challenges around data security, compliance and platform integration must be addressed to make it work. This infographic explores the benefits and challenges of Open Finance, and provides some recommendations for moving forward with an Open Finance model.

open finance data sharing

Ideal for fraud leaders

  • Learn how banks and fintech companies can thrive together by leveraging data
  • Peek into the future of finance and meet the technologies building it
  • Prepare for the risks and project for the benefits of this industry-wide change
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