[Guide] Responsible AI: 5 Principles for Fighting Fraud for Financial Institutions

Here are the 5 key principles:

  • Ensuring transparency
  • Mitigating bias by nature
  • Providing explainability
  • Delivering high confidence results
  • Safety and privacy to all users

Learn the 5 Principles of Responsible AI

Responsible AI principles enable enterprises to rethink risk management, and build out a fraud and risk management strategy so that AI behaves as expected and aligns with corporate and ethical values. The result? Robust fraud prevention, non-discriminatory decision-making, and reduced risk of reputational or regulatory damage.

With DataVisor’s multilayered approach to fraud prevention, you can prioritize Responsible AI principles in a scalable, efficient manner, while building out a high-performing fraud and risk management program that protects your customers and your brand.
Responsible AI
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DataVisor is the world’s leading fraud and risk management platform that enables organizations to respond to fast-evolving fraud attacks and mitigate risks as they happen in real time. Its comprehensive solution suite combines patented machine learning technology with native device intelligence and a powerful decision engine to provide protection for the entire customer lifecycle across industries and use cases. DataVisor is recognized as an industry leader and has been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies across the globe.