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The Dummy Handbook on Account Protection

What we answer in this simple handbook:

  • Account fraud basics and its impact on digital firms
  • Bots and mass registrations, and how to stop them
  • ATO fraud and spotting compromised accounts early
  • Credential stuffing attacks and the tech behind them
  • Keylogging, session and cookie hijacking, and much more
Read the Dummy Handbook
Learn the ins and outs of account protection

Fraud teams handle great amounts of information. With fraudsters constantly innovating and industry terminology that changes rapidly, it is important for them to have access to quick and actionable information to stay ahead in the fight against digital crime.

This handbook summarizes the issue of account fraud prevention for financial services, ecommerce, banks, fintechs, social media platforms, and government agencies. It also offers information about the most important related concepts, including ATO attacks, identity theft, phishing, account onboarding fraud, mass registrations, and fake accounts.

account protection

Ideal for Fraud Leaders


  • Understand the changing landscape of account fraud and terminology
  • Dive deep into ATO methods and how to thwart them
  • Familiarize yourself with best-in-class solutions
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