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The Dummy Handbook on Data Science for Fraud Detection

What we discuss in this simple handbook:

  • What fraud data scientists do and the terms they use
  • How to work cross-functionally on fraud data science
  • The tools used by top-performing fraud data scientists
  • Bonus! The ultimate ML + fraud data science glossary
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Data science is one of the fastest growing fields of knowledge in business, and its importance for fraud detection cannot be overlooked by modern experts.

This document provides an introduction to the work of data scientists in the context of using machine learning to fight fraud in digital businesses, including financial services, ecommerce, and social networks. It discusses the main activities, goals, and challenges at play in the intersection of data science and fraud detection with the main purpose of facilitating communication between data scientists and engineers and the other members of fraud prevention teams.

data science for fraud
Ideal for Fraud Leaders
  • Learn how fraud data scientists use big data tools to stop fraud
  • Discover the power of machine learning to eliminate fraud at scale
  • Save team resources and time by implementing a solution in under 2 weeks

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