The Dummy Handbook on Promo and Policy Abuse Prevention for eCommerce

What we answer in this simple handbook:

  • What the most common forms of policy fraud in online business have in common, and how to spot them.
  • Why policy abuse is so relevant, and becoming more so each day.
  • Five things your team can do to stop policy abuse in ecommerce.
  • Why policy abuse is more difficult to catch than other forms of fraud and how to change this.

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Fraud experts and managers in ecommerce handle great amounts of information. With fraudsters constantly innovating and industry terminology that changes rapidly, it is important for them to have access to quick and actionable information to stay ahead in the fight against digital crime. This handbook summarizes the issue of policy abuse, and offers information about its most important concepts, including promotion abuse, first-party fraud, friendly fraud, gift card fraud, loyalty program fraud, return fraud, false chargebacks, item-not-received fraud, false item-not-received (INR) claims, refund fraud, wardrobing fraud, and more.
The Dummy Handbook on Promo and Policy Abuse Prevention for eCommerce
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