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The Dummy Handbook on Promo and Policy Abuse Prevention for Financial Services

What we answer in this simple handbook:

  • What the most common forms of financial policy fraud have in common?
  • How can you spot policy fraud in financial services?
  • Why is policy abuse so relevant, and becoming more so each day?
  • What five things can you do to stop policy abuse in financial services?
  • Why is policy abuse so difficult to catch and how to do it?
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Why Download?

Policy and promotion abuse doesn’t just affect the merchant being victimized. Financial institutions are caught in the crossfire and can face significant lost revenue at the hands of fraudsters using sophisticated methods to misuse what is intended to make the customer experience better.
In this ebook, we cover the most common types of promotion and policy abuse to be aware of, how to identify common threads that show patterns of abuse, and which solutions can help stamp out this fraudulent behavior.

Dummy Handbook on Promo Abuse Prevention

Ideal for fraud leaders

  • Understand how promo and policy abuse happens with real-world examples
  • Learn the 5 steps to stop policy abuse in its tracks
  • Get a full picture of the solutions available to fight promotion abuse
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