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Real-Time Payment Fraud, Demystified

How real-time payments are transforming fraud prevention

Take control of your fraud prevention strategy in the era of real-time payments. In the e-book, The Dummy Handbook on Real-Time Payments and Fraud Prevention, you’ll learn:

  • Real-Time Payments Explained: Understand how real-time and batch processing methods contrast.
  • Outsmart Fraudsters: Unmask common fraudulent strategies and strengthen your defenses.
  • Stay Agile: Swiftly address fraud incidents while safeguarding your customer experience.
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Customers today demand real-time payment options from their banks. While the speed is great for the customer experience, it’s also a welcome for real-time fraud. These kinds of attacks carry especially harmful consequences for customers, as a significant portion of real-time fraud can fall under authorized payment fraud and put the customer on the hook for the loss.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fight fraudsters’ real-time scams while preserving a delightful customer experience. That starts with learning their scams, then implementing ways to outsmart them and prevent their attacks BEFORE they happen.

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Ideal for fraud leaders

  • Plan and prepare for the most common, and costly, real-time payment scams
  • Learn to tie real-time fraud prevention into your seamless customer experience
  • Discover how to reduce false positives and increase detection with the right tools
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