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A Buyer’s Guide to Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention

Download the ebook to learn:

  • Criteria to evaluate your fraud prevention needs
  • A closer look at the hidden costs of rules-based fraud detection
  • What solutions can protect you from evolving financial fraud
  • Insights from cloud and on-premises implementations and success stories
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Fraud is at a record high, racking up a collective $42 billion in losses in 2019 alone — and financial institutions are a prime target. It’s time to move beyond reactive fraud detection methods and adopt real-time, proactive tools that stop fraud at the gate.

Buyer's Guide to Choosing ML for Fraud Prevention ebook cover

Ideal for fraud leaders


  • Follow our guide to creating a comprehensive fraud protection program using AI
  • Evaluate your vulnerabilities and pinpoint areas of need
  • Educate yourself on the most sophisticated new methods of fraud
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About DataVisor

DataVisor is recognized as an industry leader and has been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

DataVisor is the world’s leading fraud and risk management platform that enables organizations to respond to fast-evolving fraud attacks and mitigate risks as they happen in real time. Its comprehensive solution suite combines patented machine learning technology with native device intelligence and a powerful decision engine to provide protection for the entire customer lifecycle across industries and use cases.