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What’s New in PSD2: A Guide for Banks, Merchants and Providers

Read this essential guide to learn:

  • Why PSD2 is the gateway to customer-centric banking and merchants
  • Where the market stands today, following the acceleration of digital banking and commerce
  • How reducing SCA friction with machine learning creates competitive advantage
  • What to expect next from PSD2
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PSD2 seeks to eliminate a perceived monopoly across European banking and payment sectors and level the playing field for large and small financial institutions and merchants. While some preparation is necessary, PSD2 offers a great opportunity to build and maintain customer trust and confidence by protecting customer data and reducing friction across the account lifecycle.

In this guide, we examine the new standard and its impact on financial institutions and explore how a 2-part solution that blends Open Banking and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) can help you rise to the challenge of PSD2.


Perfect for fraud leaders

  • Learn what PSD2 is and the opportunities it can present
  • Discover what is meant by “open banking” and how it affects customers
  • Project for the future effects of PSD2 and ensure you’re prepared
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