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Seamlessly Integrate Valuable Fraud Signals for Your Organization

Integrate your solution with the powerful DataVisor fraud and risk platform for:

  • Out-of-box performance with a few simple clicks
  • Real-time expanded signals for unmatched fraud insights
  • Conditional data calls to efficiently use only essential signals
  • Lower cost through exclusive bulk-volume deals
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Partner with the leader in AI-powered fraud prevention

DataVisor has built an award-winning fraud and risk platform to empower financial institutions across the industry to detect fraud threats in real time, make efficienct use of data in a highly effective manner, and detect and prevent fraud at an unmmatched level through first-of-its-kind unsupervised machine learning. See how this turn-key SaaS solution can seamlessly partner with your organization’s product to greatly enhance your customers’ experiences.

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About DataVisor

DataVisor is recognized as an industry leader and has been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

DataVisor is the world’s leading fraud and risk management platform that enables organizations to respond to fast-evolving fraud attacks and mitigate risks as they happen in real time. Its comprehensive solution suite combines patented machine learning technology with native device intelligence and a powerful decision engine to provide protection for the entire customer lifecycle across industries and use cases.