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BNPL Growing Pains: 2024 Fraud Trends & Insights

Get the in-depth, data-driven infographic covering everything you need to know about BNPL growth and preventing fraud.


In this infographic you’ll see:

  • Statistics that quantify BNPL’s rapid growth and usage
  • Explorations into and examples of key fraud types and trends threatening sustained BNPL growth
  • Explanations of BNPL fraud defenses and modern prevention methods
BNPL Fraud Trend & Insights from DataVisor

The Buy Now, Pay Later business has been booming for years, and it’s now estimated to reach $3.27B by 2030. More customers are reaching for BNPL options, as 3 in 4 shoppers used BNPL in 2023. Growth for players new and old in the BNPL space is exciting but also carries a risk along with it. This infographic explores the characteristics that fueled BNPL’s rapid rise and details the fraud threats that loom, including data-driven insights, key trends, and examples to help you prepare your defenses.

BNPL trends 2024 background

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