Digital Fraud Tracker: Instant Payments Fraud Reaches The Tipping Point

In the December issue of Digital Fraud Tracker, PYMNTS & DataVisor examine Instant Payment fraud, including the prevalence, impact and how to stop it. Download the Tracker to learn about:

  • The debate over who is liable for fraud losses resulting from instant payments
  • How to prevent instant payment fraud without adding friction to the customer experience
  • Why businesses and consumers are demanding stronger protections against frauds and scams
  • How PayPal ramped up its Peer-to-Peer security using passkey technology

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Instant payment apps such as Zelle, Paypal, Venmo and others are fair game for fraudsters, and as payments become instant, fraud has increased. Bad actors defrauded nearly 18 million Americans through digital wallet and peer-to-peer (P2P) payment scams in 2020. How can consumers – and financial institutions – protect themselves against fraud losses?

This month, PYMNTS and DataVisor explore Instant Payment Fraud in depth, including how it damages companies, banks and consumers, the legal debate over liability, the impact of fraud protection on customer experience, and how advanced, AI-powered technologies can help.
PYMNTS digital fraud tracker - dec 2022 issue cover
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