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Take Control of Compliance and Get Ahead of BaaS Regulatory Changes

Modernize your compliance program with real-time detection and reporting

This solution sheet will show you:

  • Ways to shift from ad-hoc compliance to a 100% controlled process
  • How to manage a secure data infrastructure that is cost-effective and flexible
  • What you need to demonstrate real-time reporting that meets regulatory requirements and audit requests
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Why should you download this solution sheet?

Banking as a Service has soared to heights few industries have hit before—$15.9 billion in value to be exact. With an anticipated CAGR of 17% over the next 10 years, the already widespread adoption of BaaS looks to only continue for customers.

But as the BaaS industry booms, fraud concerns and lack of proper detection and prevention methods in the industry have surfaced as key problem areas regulators are stepping in to address. Much of this rapid growth occurred during the time of low regulation, so these new compliance standards—a requirement that sponsor banks prove demonstrable oversight of their fintech partners’ complete operations including KYC, AML, Fraud and Sanctions screening, and CDD—mark a brave new era for BaaS.

In this solution sheet, you’ll learn the fastest and most effective way to modernize your fraud and risk program to get your sponsor bank and fintech partners up to code and in compliance with new regulations.

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