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DEFEND Webinar: Effective Strategies to Fight the Rise of Check Fraud

While there are numerous payment options and everyone’s going digital, checks are still a big part of the American financial ecosystem. Since the pandemic, there has been an alarming rise in check fraud. Check fraud doubled in 2022 as FIs filed over 680,000 check fraud SARs and the same pace continued to 2023. In February 2023, FinCEN issued alerts and guidelines aimed at bolstering the financial sector’s defenses against mail theft-related check fraud. As perpetrators continuously refine their tactics, it is imperative for organizations to fortify their defenses and adopt proactive measures to mitigate the risk of falling victim to check fraud. 

This webinar is tailored for businesses and financial institutions seeking to enhance their fraud prevention strategies and protect their financial assets. Participants will gain valuable insights into the various forms of check fraud, including counterfeit checks, altered checks, and forged signatures, accompanied by pertinent case studies highlighting the detrimental impact of such schemes on organizations.

You’ll learn:

  • What are the trends and challenges in the market today when it comes to check fraud
  • The best strategies to detect and mitigate check fraud risks including detection of a check fraud ring
  • How integration with single solutions like Mitek can strengthen your existing fraud prevention processes and solutions against check fraud
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With modern technology at their disposal, fraudsters are only getting smarter and harder to detect. That’s why you need to be sure you’re armed with the best technology available to your FI, something you’ll be able to learn about in the upcoming DEFEND Webinar: Effective Strategies to Fight the Rise of Check Fraud, happening April 3rd at 11am PT/2pm ET.

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Meet the Speakers

Fang Yu
Cynthia Wallace
Fraud Investigations Manager
Data Center Inc (DCI)
James Watts
Director of Product Management
Dan Gringarten
Product Marketing Manager

About DataVisor

DataVisor is recognized as an industry leader and has been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

DataVisor is the world’s leading fraud and risk management platform that enables organizations to respond to fast-evolving fraud attacks and mitigate risks as they happen in real time. Its comprehensive solution suite combines patented machine learning technology with native device intelligence and a powerful decision engine to provide protection for the entire customer lifecycle across industries and use cases.