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Authorized Push Payments (APP) Fraud: Trends, Risks, and Your Defense Playbook

Neutralize APP fraudsters by understanding their attacks

Watch DataVisor VP of Customer Success Hao Li discuss the rising threat of APP fraud in the webinar Authorized Push Payments (APP) Fraud: Trends, Risks, and Your Defense Playbook.

The insight-packed discussion covers:

  • APP fraud trends, including fraudsters’ latest real-time fraud tactics
  • Strategies to mitigate APP fraud risks with real-world examples
  • Critical must-knows around liability and the regulatory environment governing APP fraud
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Authorized Push Payment fraud is a fast-growing fraud threat for financial institutions and customers. Technologies like Generative AI have made mass-scale social engineering scams easier than ever to perpetrate. Combined with the irreversible nature of real-time payments, a perfect storm is developing to allow APP fraud to spread at alarming rates.

Learn how your organization can proactively reveal APP fraud scams and protect your customers using the key learnings from this webinar.


Meet the Speakers

Hao Li
Hao Li
VP of Customer Success

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DataVisor is recognized as an industry leader and has been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

DataVisor is the world’s leading fraud and risk management platform that enables organizations to respond to fast-evolving fraud attacks and mitigate risks as they happen in real time. Its comprehensive solution suite combines patented machine learning technology with native device intelligence and a powerful decision engine to provide protection for the entire customer lifecycle across industries and use cases.