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Data Orchestration: 3 Key Components Every Fraud Leader Should Know

How can fraud leaders effectively navigate the challenges of consolidating data from disparate sources? This process is often challenging with high complexity, high costs and the lack of skilled resources. Despite these hurdles, financial institutions need solutions that can orchestrate and compute data effectively to maximize value and optimize their efforts in combating fraud.

In this webinar, fraud leaders can learn about:

  • Data Source Agnostic Architecture
  • Real-time Data Transformation and Computation
  • Orchestrating Third-party Signals
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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, merely managing data isn’t enough. The real challenge lies in efficiently consolidating data from different sources, creating a centralized intelligence platform that harnesses predictive power for actionable insights and improves decision-making. Yet, the journey toward this integration has its challenges – ranging from poor data quality and inconsistencies between real-time and batch data to complicated, high-cost custom integrations.


Meet the Speakers

Daniel Lineberger
Solution Architect

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