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Webinar with Mastercard: Day Zero Risk and the Beginning of the Customer-Centric Journey

Onboarding is the first opportunity you have to make a lasting positive impression on your customers through a smooth, enjoyable experience. It’s unfortunately also one of the first times you’ll encounter fraudsters aiming to abuse that smooth experience to execute their attacks.

Traditional ID verification methods at onboarding no longer suffice to prevent these risks. Winning customers while banishing fraudsters, in today’s digital landscape, demands a holistic, customer-centric approach. Learn how to reimagine identity management and adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape by attending our upcoming webinar, “Day Zero Risk and the Beginning of the Customer-Centric Journey.”

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The core tenets of the Day Zero Risk concept and its place as the genesis of a customer-centric journey
  • Why conventional wisdom surrounding the four data elements of PII needs to be challenged
  • Which forward-looking strategies for onboarding fraud detection can replace outdated verification methods
  • The role of continuous customer monitoring strategies and advanced AI/ML in fraud prevention
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Watch this insightful webinar dedicated to exploring the intricacies of identity, onboarding processes, and regulatory compliance trends in 2024. In this session, industry leaders from DataVisor and Mastercard will guide participants through an exploration of innovative approaches aimed at fostering a seamless, customer-centric experience.


Meet the Speaker

Dennis Maicon
VP of Banking & Payments
Sarah Strano
VP of Field Data Services
Mike Cook
Identity Expert
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