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DEFEND: From 2023s Lessons to 2024s Strategies

Fraud Mitigation in the Age of AI and Real-Time Payments

As we go into a new year, our experts will shed light on the key fraud trends coming out of 2023 and the innovative approaches required to combat them. The panel will provide an overview of the dynamics and trends of the past year’s fraud landscape, as a context to share insights on the key priorities and investments to fight back in 2024.

Key topics include the impacts of real-time payments, the role of AI and generative AI in fraud detection, and a foresight into how the industry is responding to the new challenges. This session promises to be an invaluable resource for professionals in the fraud space.

In this webinar, fraud leaders can engage with our panelists and learn about:

  • Lessons learned from the fraud trends and dynamics in 2023
  • Insights into priorities to mitigate these fraud threats in 2024 and in what areas to invest.
  • Impact and challenges of real-time payments and AI in fraud detection and how the regulation will play a role
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2023 was a year of unprecedented new fraud attacks—many fueled by the rise of Generative AI and the adoption of real-time payment. As technology opens new avenues for fraudsters to dial up the damage, fraud leaders and strategists must band together and share their proven methods for staying one step ahead of new attacks.


Meet the Speakers

Lenny Gusel
Managing Director
Gusel Advisory
Michael (ex-SoFi)
Michael Tsung
Managing Director
SML Advisory,
(ex VP of Fraud, SoFi)
Shamika Thirimanna
Associate Director, Fraud Mitigation
EQ Bank
Kevin McWey
Kevin McWey

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